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Best Value Tandem Skydives

Group Booking - 3 people

Save $100 each on the cost of your skydive when booking as a group of 3.

Offer is valid for Groups of 3 jumpers.

Jumpers must jump on the same day at the same time.

Weight limit applies (Max 260kg combined weight).

14,000ft Tandem $299.00 (Save $100.00)
10,000ft Tandem $259.00 (Save $100.00)
 8,000ft  Tandem $229.00 (Save $100.00)

*Discount Code G3WAY

Tandem & Video/Stills Package
Pre-Order your Handcam Video & Digital Stills for a $70.00 discount.
14,000ft Tandem & Handcam Video/Stills    $478.00
10,000ft Tandem & Handcam Video/Stills    $438.00
 8,000ft  Tandem & Handcam Video/Stills    $408.00
What can I Expect on the Day?

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Tandem Skydiving at the Old Coast Road Brewery

Tandem Skydive into the beer garden / alfresco area of the Old Coast Road Brewery, Myalup. WA.

Enjoy the breathtaking views extending from Bunbury to the south to Mandurah and beyond to the north. 

Celebration Pint Included!
Every successful Tandem Skydive into the Brewery will receive a pint of your choice to celebrate after your Jump!

Record your Skydive

Relive your Skydiving adventure with our professionally produced souvenir video/stills packages.

Starting at just $149.00

Gift Vouchers

Call 0419 296 312 to tailor a voucher to suit you!

Gift Vouchers are emailed to you immediately after Checkout.