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Certificate Class B Training table (B-Rels)

Your B-Rels teach you how to skydive safely in relation to other skydivers.
The B-Rels course consists of 6 stages.
Once you have successfully completed your training table and completed 50 stable freefall descents (skydives) and met some additional requirements you will be eligible for your Cert Class B (B License).

Skill Level 1 - 5 are $140 each.

Skill Level 6 consists of 3 jumps at $140 per jump.

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 Objective - Freefall
  Objective - Canopy
Skill Level 1
 Fall rate
 Forward movement
 Awareness of tension
 Pivot turns
 Stall and Stall Recovery
 Rear riser turns
 Stage 2
 Side Docks
 Flat canopy turns
 Stage 3
 Docking in an outward facing position
 Brake turns
 Flare turns
 Stage 4
 Sequential manoeuvring using outward turns
 To practice Harness Turns
 Stage 5
 Height maintenance while flying to different
 points in a 3 way formation.
 Elective (Repeat weakest skills)
 Stage 6 (3 jumps)
 This skill level consists of three 4-ways.
 Practice setting up a planned landing sequence

B-Rel Buddy Program

This program has been developed by the APF after consultation with DZ operators, instructors and B-Rel candidates. The program is intended to support novice skydivers and to aid them in identifying coaches that are available in their area. B - Rel Buddies provide their skills to you for the cost of their slot only and will become your greatest mentor now and in to the future through out your skydiving experiences. B-Rel candidates are invited to go to the Register of Coaches to seek the right mentor for their current skydiving objectives. The APF advises that any person wishing to utilise the services of any coach or instructor found on the APF register of coaches, should apply their own due diligence before selecting a coach.

Our B-rel coaches:

Annette Regan

Danielle Blunden

Jody Blunden


Stage One & Two Incentive and B - Rel Jump Bonus

One of the biggest hurdles to a skydiver in the early months, is the cost! To support your early progression in skydiving, the APF, together with participating DZs, offer up to a $90 reimbursement after completing Stage one and Two of your B - Rels. Then, once you complete the table, you can apply for a further $100 Jump bonus 

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