West OZ Skydiving


What can I Expect on the Day

West OZ Skydiving offer the most unique Skydiving Experience in Australia.
We are the only skydiving operation that lands their customers into the grounds of an award winning boutique Brewery and Restaurant, the Old Coast Road Brewery in Myalup WA.

Situated just 3km inland from the coast and an Hour and a Half south of the metro area or 30 minutes north of Bunbury we offer an adventure of a life time in family friendly and picturesque surroundings.

We Take off from Preston Airfield which is by the shore of Lake Preston which in turn is only 1km from the coast.

Be prepared for an experience of a lifetime as you take the plunge while enjoying the awesome coastal views from Bunbury to Mandurah (and beyond).

Ultimately landing back at the Brewery on the grassed area in front of Restaurant.


If you have friends and family there on the day to watch you jump, We invite them to take full advantage of the hospitality the Old Coast Road Brewery has to offer. 

  • Undercover Alfresco dining that overlooks the main landing area. 
  • A Restaurant and 20 or so Ciders, Beers, Ales and spirits on tap.
  • Children's playground and rope climb, 
  • Massive grassed area for cricket or a game of footy, (when we're not landing Tandems on it of course).

It really is the most relaxed and laid back way to get your crazy on and jump out of our perfectly good Airplane.
The most common questions we get asked are; "How does it work?" or "Where do we meet and where does the plane take off from?".
Most people we meet, plan to do only one Skydive in their lifetime and quite rightly have no knowledge about how it all comes together.

Let me take you through the day we have planned for you so you can arrive at the check-in counter confident of the process and ready to jump.

After you have Booked

Once your booking is completed you will receive a booking confirmation email which will contain the following:

  • The date and time of your Check-in.
  • Names of the other members of your group
  • Instructions on how to confirm your booking. Complete this step to save time on the day of the jump.

Closer to the day we will send you a request to apply for Australian Parachute Federation Student Membership. This should be done prior to you arriving to save time. It does not cost anything to join.

What to wear?
Please wear appropriate footwear such as running shoes or joggers. If it is summer, we recommend you wear a T-shirt with no collar rather than a singlet. Knee length shorts, three quarter pants or track/gym pants are all OK. If it is winter, we recommend a jumper and long pants.

Your day begins...
The time you have been booked in for is your Check-in time not your jump time.
Please arrive on time as if you are late you may delay the groups after you.
Please call us if you think you are going to be late.

The check-in counter is at the Old Coast Road Brewery, Myalup next to the Main entrance, adjacent to the car park.
The first item on the agenda is the club waiver and terms and conditions, then we will check you in.
This is your opportunity to upgrade to a higher altitude jump and decide which Video package you would like. 

Gear Up
After a Safety and Training lesson we gear you up with a harness, if the weather is a bit chilly we have pants and jumpers for you to layer up with.

The drive to Preston Field Airport is only 8 minutes away.
Board the plane and take off!!
If you are going all the way to 14,000ft you will landing be back into the Brewery in front of the under cover alfresco area approximately 30 min later.
If you are in a group your friends will wait and watch you land before going to the Airport for their Jump.

After your jump the first pint is on us!